Facebook Fanpage - 153K likes - Mostly Polish fans

Property type: Facebook fanpage
Amount of fans/followers: 153,000
Country of followers (majority): Poland
Topic/Niche: This page was originally related to a (now deceased) public figure, known for her outspoken mind. Her quotes are able to generate crazy reach.
Did you use automation/engagement networks/tricks to build up the activity?: No
Price: Waiting on offers.

Description: I have changed the page name from the persons full name just to her last name, which sounds very brandable (in Polish). So, the title is basically one word. I was going to keep this one for a personal project, but now I see that I won’t have time. I strongly suggest that a Polish person buys this, because you need to understand the culture to get these fans going. Posts related to the original topic had no problem reaching 1m+ people, but if you post spam or non-related things, you won’t get anywhere.

Someone approve this :smiley: I am a legit seller, I swear.

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Thanks vincent! :smiley:

Pm me bro

Currently, I have a 600 USD offer. Any takers?

Please send url

Currently, I have a 700 USD offer. Last chance to place your offers, as I will sell this tomorrow.

Bump. Still available.

Language on the page? You post on Polish or English?

Polish only. And the page is very specific, so any random content won’t do.

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Ok, thanks for fast answer.

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She is gone :frowning: (As in, SOLD!)
Thank you for using SWAPD, me.