Facebook fanpage - 430k Likes

Property type:Facebook Page
Amount of fans/followers: 430,000
Topic: Bikini - Lingerie Pictures
Price:USD 2000

Description: Excellent platform for marketing, good reach, English language

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Noted, sorry i didnt read the rules. Thanks !

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Not a problem. Please give it some time, this website literally opened 50 min ago, users are invited but still coming. It may take a few days/weeks before it really starts cranking with activity (hopefully).

URL please

URL and images of the demographics, reach, post reach information.

Can I please grab URL and Demo’s please too.


Please don’t post the link to your property out in the public, you create the risk of getting it deleted.

Click on a users name then click message to send URLs to another user.


Please PM me details!! Thanks!!

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Is the page still available?

I would like to see the link of the page please
and Screenshots of the insights

? Still available? Please pm link!

Send a link and some more Insight screens if still available. Was it ever unpublished by FB?

Still available? Send link via PM please. Thanks!

if still available please PM me all info and I can pay for it very quickly after doing some fast due diligence. thanks