Facebook Fanpage zero link reach penalty may now be permanent

As always, we try to warn our users of potential dangers, even if they aren’t fully confirmed yet. Just recently, we’ve received intel from an experienced Fanpage user/admin about the possibility that Facebook’s zero link reach penalties can now be permanent. Zero link reach on Fanpages isn’t a new problem, we reported about it months ago. However, in nearly all the cases, the link reach always came back after a certain amount of time (usually in a couple of days/weeks).

This seems like a new problem, and we’ve received reports that Facebook reps themselves confirmed this via a rejected Facebook appeal that was submitted via this form. In the rejection notice, Facebook said that the link ban is permanent and there is nothing they can do to help.

Now maybe I am behind on the news, but this is a first for me. If this is old news, I am sorry. But perhaps not everyone has heard about it, and if so, this topic can give them time to re-adjust their strategy, so they don’t fall into this permanent link reach trap.

If this is true, it’s another nail in the coffin. Members, what are your thoughts on this situation?

Facebook is digging its own grave, i don’t think anything good is coming soon


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Could this just be a reply from Facebook that wasn’t sure. Every time it has come back. Could they have changed something? It’s never said how long it will take to come back but always has.

you was posting third party link or your own site link ?