Facebook Fanpage zero link reach problem

While I couldn’t confirm this myself, I believe it’s wise to warn everyone. According to this post on BlackHatWorld, since mid-July, many fanpage admins have been experiencing an absolute zero reach on their links. Their pages weren’t unpublished, as images and videos performed as usual, but links did not reach a single person. This isn’t an isolated case, as there are reports popping all over the web with same user stories. Initially, this looks like some new link-ghosting feature, as this link reach block isn’t permanent. Most users who experienced this, recovered back to normal reach within 7-8 days.

Is this something new or am I behind? Because I’ve never experienced this. If this turns out to be true, it looks like some new kind of punishing algorithm. But what triggers it? The amount of links posted? The content? Domain quality? Engagement?

Would love to hear your story if you expirienced something similar.

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My reach is dropped magnificently in the past month on links. Also, in the past week, im not sure if its happened for everyone but I’m not even able to change the header of my links on FB. I guess FB are trying to stop click bait headlines. Is anyone able to change the header on their links?

Did not try to edit header, but I’ve received multiple reports from ViralAccounts.com members that in the past month their link reach dropped. This didn’t happen to anyone, but I’d say on average around 30% of people I talk to report a drop.

This is happening to me too since last week.A post got 3k reach in a few minutes than stopped.After that all my links are getting less than 50% reach comparing to last week.

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There is alternative to this issue:

  • Appeal to FB
  • Use alternative FB and than posts from that page, reshare it to the restricted page.

I think this i related to the new procedure from FB on stopping spam. Its mainly related to the number of posts, but also all the rest reasons You have mentioned.
Frrom 1 November there will be a lot of new changes into FB. And yeah, meta tags will be the next focus on FB to fight the spam, clickbait and other artificial increase of reach on newsfeed.
Hope this info help a bit to users.

Please share if You have additional information.

Do you have any articles on the November 1st changes? Also, how would we appeal? Contact support? This always happens, at the end of each year Facebook makes some drastic changes. I for one welcome anything that kills clickbait. I am 100% tired of seeing low quality articles (sometimes just images) hidden behind an amazing title. This needs to stop, if you can’t create meaningful content you need to get out of this game.

Tell us more

This is still continuing.

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I can’t tell you specifically why it is happening however it is actually very common. Usually, the people who have been getting these ghost reach bans are the same people who just got off a 2-week link ban, followed by a month link ban, then you get the ghost reach ban. The few people I have seen it last about 2 weeks. What specifically causes this I have no idea. We run a business with over 1,000 different page owners to monetize their pages, and we are Facebook approved with instant articles and everything. Even users using nothing but approved links and content are still receiving this ban.

Boost a link, use fresh and not viral thumbnails, make sure debugger doesn’t turn any “error/notice”.

As far as I could test the viral thumbnails and viral titles and copied articles make this happen.

We have looked into this pretty deep and I find it hard to believe there is truth in what others say about the ban. This has happened to some of our partner pages and some of our and I know for sure why it is happening.
They are really working on shutting down the content people dont like. If you get the ban - you are posting content your fans dont like and report.
Just stop posting the creep/crap stuff and post what your audience wants to see from good trusted partners.
It was possible to share a linkpost from other page, so you needed just to post your link to a new page and share that, but fb closed that today.

Also as some of you may know this is their link ban v2.

The first one didnt go that well - many pages got banned without a proper reason. And also you could share a link post, if you would uncheck “include original post”. So they unbanned all pages and everyone got another chance not to get reported again. Those who got reported again got this link ban v2.

The difference is with this ban only few pages got a message saying they are link banned. It was also possible until today to leave the “include original post” checked and you could share your linkpost.

So trust me when I say stop posting content people report and start posting the good stuff!


Thanks for all your input Tom. What it all boils down to is again, the good old saying "content is king."
I for one am tired of all the click bait on Facebook, this isn’t how a platform should work.

It is also about the audience. If you buy a page that has one posting style, but you push a new style on to it, your audience will not like it and will report you.

So right content for right audience is key factor

Thanks very much to all participants for sharing their experiences.
However I still couldn’t find solution and answers:

  1. How long does it lasts ? (because at one of my page it passed 2 weeks and still the ban/ghosting is active)
  2. How to remove the ban ? (do I have to boost a link, video or photo and does anybody has a experience with increase of engagement of overall or a particular posts this would help ? )

I think now, everybody is aware of type of content has to post in their pages to not get any ban. The most important is how to remove this ban (if its possible) from our pages ?

Please share Your experiences or any kind of information heard or read somewhere, to try experimenting by ourselves.

Thank You again for Your support.

Has anyone with this problem tried to boost a post to see if that helps?

Now Facebook is not approving boosted posts from a page that has zero reach block.

Yeah, actually I saw that too. The other day I was gonna buy a page, but the post shows Boost Unavailable from seller’s screenshot.

Even posting a link to another page then resharing the post on your blocked page won’t work.

@vincent1100 that Boost unavailable might be because the seller’s account has been flagged for payments, doesn’t mean you can’t boost in that page.

If it’s 0 reach problem, It lets you place order on ad manager, but then they just refuse it.

Just wanted to say, page might be good.