Facebook / Instagram Verification for musicians [Done through Media Portal]

Service type: Facebook / Instagram Verification
Price: $1.000


I don’t accept entrepreneurs!

First of all, I will have to make sure you are elegible for verification, so please send me a PM.

Secondly, YOU will have to provide all the supporting information of your public presence (PR, Wikipedia, etc.), I will NOT do research about you.

NOTE: I can only verify accounts for public figures, media-related organizations, musicians, actors, athletes, and influencers. Please don’t PM about other types of accounts because I won’t respond

You must be able to provide me with all the following information:

  • Link to the account/page that you want to have verified (Facebook or IG).
  • Link to connected Facebook page (required for Instagram).
  • Link to other social media profiles (Twitter/FB/IG/TikTok)
  • Website
  • Wikipedia (not necessary, but increases chances of getting verified)
  • Press articles (you must be the main subject, avoid articles like “top 500 influencers to follow”. You must send a minimum of 10 articles.
  • Copy of your government-issued photo ID or passport.

It usually takes 24 business hours for Facebook to review the request and complete the verification process, but sometimes they take extra time to investigate more about the person that wants to be verified.


Nice copy & paste from my thread :rofl::rofl:

Appreciated the fact you changes some words but always on same order of mine lmao


Yes, I copied your requirements section because it is very well organized lol. Great work bro!

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Are you still verifying? Have a client


kindly look your inbox

Articles need be English or no? Have actress and musicians available.


Yes please

pm me please



any verified sales through here?

Wondering this also


why do you have a safety concern badge on your profile? Also @Swapd if you can chime in would be great

Because he is 18. Anyone under the age of 20 on SWAPD gets the badge. Yes, it’s extreme. But at the same time, most cons here are conducted by the youngest of our members. We’re trying to limit that.

Any successful verifications?

I think only one.

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Thank you. So if verification is not completed successfully, we will still receive the payment back correct?