Facebook Monetize Approval Service Available | 60/600K Watctime + 5K/10K Followers | Unlock Instream & Livestream

Unlock Facebook Monetisation

Instream + Livestream | 60/600K WT + 5/10K Followers :fire:

Hello SWAPD Community :teddy_bear:

:moneybag: I bring you Monetization Tools Unlock Service. I will fill certia organically on your page and get approval. Through which ads will be placed on your content, and you will have the opportunity to earn.

:medal_military: Of course, your page’s monetization policy must be green, then I can provide approval services.

Unlock In Stream (Ad Breaks)

  • You need 60K minutes of watch time and 5 thousand followers to get it approved :white_check_mark:

Unlock Livestream (Live Ads)

  • You need 600K minutes of watch time and 10 thousand followers to get it approved :white_check_mark:

Send me message for more inquiry :hourglass_flowing_sand:



Sent DM


Interested in the price. Check Dm

replied :heart_hands:

Where? I don’t see the price

Check your chat


yes available @Pandu

send you message