Facebook Page Donation

Country of followers (majority): France
Amount of followers: 4,420
Topic/Niche: Video Entertainment
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic

Description: Instead of deleting this page i want to donate it to someone who will use it. Page has been rarely used and was grown organic. Top country is France next to Romania, UK, Belgium etc.
All you need is to comment the post and i will randomly select one of you. Post is av only 24h so don’t get the forum busy with this nonsense post. TY




Appreciate the gesture!

:kissing_heart: :money_mouth_face:

Oh great I wanna be a part of this giveaway

Would swapd charge fee for this too? On transfer? :rofl:

Highly appreciable…!!


good gesture my friend


Very kind of you hope to win.

Très intéressé

How nice of you, count me in!

Count me in too please! :pray:t2:

Entering in


Yes please xmix! Would be greatly appreciated!


I will ban @RandyMarsh for this page. Even if the page has 0 likes and is unpublished, I will still ban @RandyMarsh.

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