Facebook page Hacked and Stolen

My Facebook page was hacked and as a consequence lost my Facebook page with one 1.5m followers.

Can anyone advise how to get through to Facebook and get this back?

Any help appreciated


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This article may help: https://fanpagecash.org/2016/11/how-to-report-a-hacked-facebook-fanpage/

I hope you get it back.

Thank you for this i will try .
thank you so much i will let yo know how it goes

No problem, let us know.

it gives me this error message so trying to message Facebook about it

‘You have no eligible admined pages.’

How you got hacked? Was he admin on your page? Or he hacked outta nowhere?

yes he was admin on the page so my mistake really but its a pain as nobody from Facebook wants to help. they’ve now setup another instagram page with a similar name so need to know how to shut down both pages as id rather lose them now than have someone else takeaway the hard work

Hey did you get to have it back or should i lose hope?