Facebook Page with 210'000 Likes (Cannabis Related)

Gonna sell it for the highest offer, pm me if you wanna have the url. Already have an offer for 2500$! Cheers

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Thank you and good luck with sales!

Please PM me the link + demographics. It would be awesome if you actually posted some history behind your property. It’s like if you were selling a car on eBay and only wrote “Selling a car, 200k miles.”

Stats, history, ownership, demographics, etc… are welcome in the description. You’re just making our buyers angry by being vague, so please elaborate on your property.

Not much history, it did belong to a friend of mine who needed the money. I got it yesterday, and since I already have more than 10’000’000 followers in this niche I will let it go.The site is already pretty active but we’ll grow it a bit until it’s being sold!

25% of the followers are from the united states, rest is from all over the world.

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Thank you. For anyone wondering, this property has around 70-80k tier-one countries, which is not bad at all. However, I can’t mark this premium as we require at least 50% of tier-one countries in order to do that.

But it’s a very nice page, good luck with sales.

If someone says, hey i want to have 300k likes or 400k likes, we can also do that but will have to adjust the price of course. We can grow pages really fast with our network!

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Send me all info pls

sent :slight_smile:

Pm me link and other details about your network also.