[Facebook Pixel Backup] ★ Never lose your data again ★ [100% Success Rate!][Done Immediately!]

Service type: Facebook Pixel Backup


Facebook pixel is used to better track your audience, see where they’re coming from, and gain insights from their online habits.

Facebook ADS is extremely important, your whole business is reliant on this single marketing platform. We will take a backup of your facebook pixel so that in case your ad account is disabled, or you would like to run ads on a different fb account now or in the future, you could do that without having to start from zero again.

You have to spend thousands of dollars before facebook’s ads display algorithm hits the right audience niche for your market. for you to finally generate profit. Don’t lose your pixel again…


*Save your Facebook Pixel and transfer to any other business manager anytime.

*Protection from losing the potential of targeting your audience again. having to reset with nothing will cost you thousands of dollars. Pay the small price now or thousands later. [Everyone is eligable!]

*Continue measuring your audience behavior in any other business manager.

Much more…

Hi please dm me more info.

I am constantly losing accounts and rotating to new accounts and pixels.



How does this work and do you need full access to the BM?

Hey thanks for your inquiry. just need to be added as a user to the bm

I see, and then you copy the pixel to? another BM or how does it work?

Please respond to DM’s

Replied thanks