Facebook reinstating deleted Fanpages? It's possible


Before 3 week Fb deleted my 10 pages and disabled my some accounts. now i got E-mail from them without Any Appeal. My Pages Are back. and the Disable profile also…

Probably Facebook it’s going slowly to Fix all deleted Pages… (I Hope for you All)

Check your inbox, maybe you will get the same from them!


Moving this to the Public Blog section as it’s worthy of discussion. I’ve also edited the title a bit, I hope you don’t mind. Thank you for posting this, @MagicKid. So, you’ve received all your pages back? Without any appeal? Is this true?

One more question, when your pages were unpublished, what type of notification did you get? (what reason for the unpublishing)

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Yeah we’re they deleted or just unpublished??

Alright. They was deleted. And my account was disabled… today all are re-published… without any appeal. I hope everyone will have the same luck.


Yeah that’s amazing! Congrats!

I’d love to see mine turn back up too. :joy: not going to hold my breath.

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Holy crap that is amazing! Congrats!

  1. How many pages in total?
  2. Were they all under a business account?
  3. Do you run ads? It seems they’ve enabled them because you run ads? Is that correct?

7 pages total.
Yes I run ads. Alright business.

Good luck.

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Were you breaking any fb terms? E.g. sharing links to get paid etc. OR were you a victim? (you genuinely WERE NOT doing anything WRONG e.g. your page was about cats, and you were just sharing cat related content)

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I got this same e-mail last night, I got my profile disabled and my pages deleted. But I don`t have any news. @MagicKid this is great news, I expect to get my profile and pages back soon. Did you get some notification or email when your pages are back or I need to check with my profile login?

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Even if he didn’t break FB terms, what do you think this means? (Genuinely asking) He has said he didn’t appeal. So is Facebook manually re-reviewing their latest wiped batch of pages? What do you think?

I dont think his account is reviewed manualy because he didnt even appeal. But probably fb did manualy review a sample of accounts and gathered enough data to know which pages “they think” were deleted by mistake. So basicly i think AI just gave his account/pages back because it NOW THINKS they were deleted by mistake.

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That’s good news though, for some at least. @topuser claims he received the same email, I wonder if they will unlock his pages too.

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What appeal forms have you sent for deleted pages? You can also send me because I need a lot of appeal forms?

My pages were disabled and after that deleted on May 18 2017, one year ago…And my profile was disabled 3 months ago…I got that e-mail yesterday without appeal, but still nothing

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My account hacked hour earlier and my page got removed anybody help me to get back we were two admins both removed

i did not receive any email. has everyone received the email?

Hello @topuser
I can help you with this.
I have my page hacked but got them back with proper work
with Facebook Pages team.

I sent you PM.

Well, If you read the email closely it doesn’t say that your unpublished page will be active again. Read it properly, it was just an email to tell people who had ads running on unpublished pages that their pages will be published as you cannot run ads on unpublished pages. That’s all.

But the user said the pages were gone, and now they’re back and working, so I don’t understand what you mean @Boogeyman.

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Not sure if he got them back or not, if he did, I am very sure it’s not because of that email. That’s a generic email sent out to everyone who had ad accounts.