Facebook tests removing publishers from News Feed—unless they pay

It seems like Facebook wants to make two tabs, one for friends fee and one for fanpages. If you want to appear in the friends feed, you will need to pay. What do you guys think about this? Is it all over for fanpages? (again) Or will we adapt and continue like always.

I think that:

  • It’s too early to worry, they’re currently testing. This doesn’t mean that it will happen.
  • If it does, it may not be a bad thing. A dedicated tab for fanpages may actually increase reach. People go on FB when they’re bored, I am sure they will click the fanpage tab to find some entertaiment.
  • You would only have to pay if you would want to appear in the main feed.


I care and I’ve been reading those articles. I notice how FB says they have no plans to continue this experiment into other countries, but it’s just a matter of time.

Has anyone else noticed the drop in reach over the past couple weeks? I guess when FB wants to boost revenue, they shrink organic reach, then wait for publishers to pay.

Has anyone ever successfully tested ad arbitrage? Pay for reach to your site, and hope the ad clicks on your site pays more than what you paid for the traffic? Is that the future of all FB Pages? (Or add in affiliate products and digital downloads of your own products, etc)

facebook already issued a statement that they will not take this test any further, no panic :wink:

Really? Care to share a link?

The reach on one of my pages droped a lot yesterday. Not sure what was the problem.

here’s the link: https://media.fb.com/2017/10/23/clarifying-recent-tests/#more-6735

if you’re reach goes down you need to work harder, thats all it takes :wink: