Facebook Watch Pages Turned Back To Normal Pages

Hey everyone,

Facebook Watch Pages were released last year by Facebook and I swear they had unreal reach. I got an update from someone at Facebook, about a few months back stating that they’re shutting down the whole ‘Watch’ product.

Please read the email from Facebook here:

Important Update to Your Show Page
To simplify Page publishing and give all Pages access to upcoming features, we are combining the Show Page and Video Page templates on Facebook. As a result, the Show Page will no longer be offered as a standalone Page type and its core features will be merged into Video Pages.

There are two options to transition your current Show Pages to Video Pages.

Option 1: Template Change
We simply change your Show Page(s) to the Video Page Template. All Page details (followers, post history, insights, etc.) will remain intact; this is a cosmetic change to the template of the Page. To choose Option 1, no action required.

Option 2: Combine Pages
As part of a one-time migration, you can choose to combine your video posts from your Show Page(s) with another Page you own. We will also combine the Followers from the Pages selected. To choose or discuss Option 2, please submit your contact information here and we will respond.

Benefits of each option
Both options will be equal in terms of performance.

With Option 1, features offered at the Page level will continue to map to just your current Show Page content. If your Page has a unique identity and audience, and you don’t mind managing multiple Pages, we recommend Option 1.
With Option 2, you can unify your audience across multiple Pages and simplify Page management. If you have a high Follower overlap between Pages and you’re looking to leverage your main Page followers, we recommend Option 2.
Rationale for moving to Video Pages

We’ve gotten feedback that it’s challenging to build new audiences from scratch on Show Pages. To solve for this, we’re launching a new way to publish episodes, called “Series.” Series enable partners to host and organize thematic or long-form content on their existing Video and Regular Pages. Under both options above, your Show Page episodes will be moved into Series, giving you flexibility to host multiple types of content or shows from a single Page moving forward.

Now, I did select one of the above options and they combined my show pages into one, but it has been turned back to a normal page with a video template. This update was probably pushed today as I can’t see the old watch template anymore which had the option to post episodes.

Looks like his page got turned to a normal video page as well: Redirecting...

404: https://www.facebook.com/nasdaily/episodes/

Any of you guys who own a watch page, do you still see an option to post an episode?

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The question, is the reach remain the same?

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If not, a lot of people will be pissed. I swear last year SWAPD members probably spent 150K (if not more) on Watch Pages.


I’m seeing normal reach instead of the juiced up watch page reach on my page.

Just goes to show how incompetent and fickle Facebook is. They paid so many production houses in order to get them to create exclusive Facebook Watch Shows, and now they just shut down the entire thing. Another good product gone down the drain.

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