Facebook/Youtube/Instagram/Twitter/Tiktok/LinkedIn/Spotify/IMDb/Google/Ad Network Approvals/Apps/PR Services (ALL IN ONE)

(Note: Prices are negotiable, if you order in bulk.)


600K Minutes Watchtime = $200
60K Live Minutes Watchtime = $100
10K Page Followers/Likes (Unlimited Followers) = $100
10K Account Followers (Unlimited Followers) = $100
50K Engagement For Fan Subscription = $100
Ready To Setup In-Stream Ads Page = $250
In-Stream On Demand Approved Page = $600
In-Stream Ads For Live Approved Page = $600
Profile 0 Like One Month Old Pages = $5 each.
Classic 0 Like One Month Old Pages = $5 each.
Watchtime Completed Pages = $150
Unblock your URL/Domain from Facebook = $100
Stable Facebook Accounts (2FA Enabled) = $100 each.
Old Facebook Pages (3-5+ Years Old) = $50 each.
Old Facebook Accounts = $50 each.
1K Facebook Recommendation Reviews = $300
Facebook Business Manager Verification = $200
Instant Articles Logo Add = $150
And More!

In this services prices depends on your facebook page traffic/total-followers size:

Page Rename (Blue Verified or Normal)
Editor To Admin
Pages Merge [Classic/Profile]
Business Manager (BM) Removing
Disabled ID BM Recovery
Disabled ID Page’s Recovery
Disabled ID Payout Account Recovery
Bank Approval
Payment On Hold
Hacked Page Recovery
Solve Limited Originality Of Content Policy Issues
Grow India Top Facebook Pages 1K to 10M Followers
And More!


1K Youtube Subscribers (Unlimited Subscribers) = $150
4K Hours Watchtime = $200
Youtube Monetization Pack (1K Subscribers and 4K Watchtime) = $300
10K USA Views = $200
10K Worldwide Views = $100
10K Custom Comments = $200
And More!


10K Twitter Followers (Unlimited Followers) = $200
And More!


10K Instagram Followers (Unlimited Followers) = $100
10K Story Views (Unlimited Views) = $100
Unblock your URL/Domain from Instagram = $100
And More!


10K Tiktok Followers (Unlimited Followers) = $100
And More!


10K LinkedIn Followers (Unlimited Followers) = $200
And More!


10K Spotify Followers = $100
10K Streams Play = $100
10K Monthly Listeners = $100
And More!


1K IMDb Ratings = $300
1K IMDb Reviews = $350
And More!

Ad Networks Account Approval:

Mgid = $100
Adskeeper = $100
Taboola (Only Indians) = $250
Adsterra = $100
Adx = $100
Adx (Google Payment) = $900
Unibot = $100
And More!


1K Google Map Reviews = $500
1K Google Movies Reviews = $350
1K Google Movies Ratings = $300
And More!


1K Playstore Application Android Downloads = $250
1K Appstore Application iOS Downloads = $900
1K iOS Application Reviews = $1600
1K Playstore Application Reviews = $1600
1K Application Registration/Sign Up = $700
1K Website Registration/Sign Up = $700
1K Website Reviews = $700
And More!

Book My Show:

1K Ratings = $250
1K Reviews = $300
1K Interests = $200
And More!

Press Release:

Message me, I will send you list of PR’s.

Other Services:

Google Ads - Display Campaigns, Traffic Increase And Brand Awareness Campaigns etc.

Social Media Maintaining (Content Design, Ideas, Planning, Execution) Marketing, Ads etc.

Youtube Views And Marketing.

PR - Articles in Indian National Media.

Influencers and Memes Marketing.

Graphics Design - Posters , Lyrical Videos etc.

Original Shooting Content - Food Videos, Make Up and Fashion etc.

Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Influencer Marketing
Social Signals (Manual Process With Proper Report)
Website SEO
Content Writing
Website Development/Designing (Ecommerce)
Email Marketing
Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Instagram Ads
Lead Generation
Landing Page Designing

Customers are happy with my services! :heart:

We provide all types of social media marketing/digital marketing services, message me for anything you need.

Description: We also sell Instant Articles, Facebook Monetized and Bonus pages, let me know if you’re interested to buy any of this services related to Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter or buying Facebook Pages/Instagram Accounts/Youtube Channels/Twitter Profiles.

Thank you!

600K Minutes Watchtime In 1 Day On Your Facebook Page (Adbreaks/In-Stream Ads) [Other Adbreaks Services And Ready Made Facebook Monetized Pages To Work On Adbreaks Also Available]
Solve Limited Originality Of Content Policy Issues From Your Facebook Page (Adbreaks/Policy Issues)
Solve Restrictions From Your Facebook Pages
Facebook Instant Articles Services (ALL IN ONE)
60K Live Minutes Watchtime On Your Facebook Page Live Video
Facebook Page Approval On Adbreaks In-Stream Ads In Your Payout (New Fresh Payout)
Adskeeper Approval Service (Price Drop $150 Only)
Unblock your Website URL/Domain from Facebook and Instagram
Instant Articles For Sale (Old Layout) [Unlimited Available And Making On Orders For New Domains]
Fresh / Pin Verified / Pay Received - Adsense Accounts For Sale (USA, UK and CA etc.) [Ads Live] {With WordPress and Domain}
Blue Verified Facebook Pages/Profiles On Desired Names + Rights Manager Pages For Sale
10K+ Full Green Ready To Add Bank (Setup In-Stream Ads) Eligible For Adbreaks Pages For Sale And Making On Orders For Desired Names
Facebook Business Manager Verification
Instant Articles Approval Service Available With News Page Index (NPI) [Only $1000]
USA Top 2 210k Facebook page
Need Taboola Advertisement Accounts
Does anybody know any good sites for legit Facebook followers?
Looking to buy Snapchat, Twitter accounts, or Spotify playlists
Looking to purchase Spotify Playlists & Networks
Spotify profile verification
Facebook Pages Merge (Normal/Verified) [Classic/Profile]

If you can truly do some of these things then you’re amazing. Moving to Unique (for now).


Yes, thank you. I will try my best to make customers happy with my work!


can you also get pages verified? How about reigniting engagement :slight_smile:

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What do you mean by reigniting engagment?

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Can you DM me please.

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Price for 600k minutes watch time and 60k live minutes?

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I’ve messaged you, please check.

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Hi, Price for 60k live minutes?

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Sent you a message.

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PM me, please! Thank you in advance.

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On hold payments recovery works for IA with app restrictions or only tax id issues?

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Check pm

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Message sent.

New service added: Facebook permanently restricted ad account restore + verify “reinstated”

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