Facebook Zero Block Without Posting Any Links

Hi. I recently had a zero reach block and after it was lifted, an hour later it was put back on and I haven’t even posted a link during the time it was lifted. Has anyone else experienced this or know what’s going on?

Not sure, but we had a client who never posted a link and received the zero reach on links :confused:

Alright thanks for letting me know. Did your clients eventually go back to normal after the penalty was lifted?

The time that this happened to me it lifted after 14 days then went back on without posting any links

The situation I’ve spoken about is fresh, and no, the link reach didn’t come back yet.

Alright. Thanks for letting me know. How recent is this?

Like last week recent.

Alright so very recent then. Did this happen after an initial zero reach block was lifted or just completely out of the blue?

Has anyone else dealt with this issue with their Facebook page before? My block was initially lifted after 14 days and then placed back on around an hour later without posting any links. Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.