Fameswap.com/Shoutcart.com are possibly scamming people



More shoutcart lies:


Blocked conversation with Mike Mirkovic and Chirag Sharma


Thank you for all the intel.


What do you think ? How can we stop him? Any idea? Thanks to all


We can stop him (or limit him) by exposing his real identity. But that will be tough, it seems that he never uses his real info. The info @influencer22 posted may be real as to accept WU payments you have to show real ID, so it’s the best clue we have. We need more people sharing their stories in order to confirm.


These people use multiple account. I dont have the chat saved. But once i paid somebody through western Union on the details given my the admin, once i paid i was paid. Later i tried to find the person i paid and somehow i found him later to be notified that the receiver has actually sold a page to them and he used me to send them payments. The guy who received me sold a page to them, and they gave me his details to transfer. So smart


This is the only person on Facebook with that name:



I had the link of the person with the exact name and i had a converstaion with him too.
His link was this : https://www.facebook.com/Chakradhar.tiruttullai

But this doesn’t work anymore


This link works: https://www.facebook.com/ChakriPreetham?lst=592215642%3A100001497383794%3A1530544841


But is that him? because do remember the face of the profile i spoke to and its different.


Could be a fake account too


This works: https://www.facebook.com/ChakriPreetham
I’ve skimmed over the profile, he does make posts about the IT field and what not, so it’s not like he is a farmer (for example). That would be a good lead, in my opinion.


I did a lot of inquiry when it happened to me. And then i found out, the locations of payments were all different when it came to western union. Some in Serbia, some in US, Some in India and even Pakistan.

With one guy i had a chat conversation on which he told he had a conversation with a guy from US to buy bitcoins and he told me name his name was Mike .( so he recived a western Union in pakistan) and sent him BTC.
From which i assume the guy contacted money exchanges and took there details and transferred money to him and got BTC.
Thats my assumption or else how would a single person receive money in like all geographies under different name ?


Well then they work in a group, simple as that. Shame, it will be tough to go after them.


Well might be, but i was unsure because the guy with same named i talked to with link : https://www.facebook.com/Chakradhar.tiruttullai

was surely a real profile because even though i was full , i always used to verify real or fake profiles and his profile was legit and he was fair guy. No where similar to this guy.

And the other guy Rahid Ali from pakistan was a e-currency exchanger who said he had a deal with a guy from Boston that he would get him paid western union in exchange for BTC


Well, still anything is better. Atleast through this people will be aware. The buy/sell community will be aware and no one will deal with them. Confidence creates options for such scams. And i am pretty sure if buyer/sellers search shoutcart/fameswap they definitely do search swapd as well and now they would be aware of whats going and would restrain themselves from these


If all this gets 100% confirmed then other communities must know this, FameSwap/Shoutcart need to go. It’s websites like theirs that create distrust in regular sellers, thus hurting the entire community.


Well but there is one more question are these scammers really the actual owners ?
I doubt considering looking at shoutcart shoutout listing and the way it runs. I may be wrong but i though for a while these guys have used the named of these websites and created a fake group to dupe. Moreover due to lack of any communication for real fameswap/shoutcart like any forum etc, it could be had been real easy for anybody to impostor them and make funds.
Or are they actually the real one who are doing this( Possible, Money can change anybody’s mind)

  • Shoutcart has a fake address of their business.
  • They don’t have any real contact data (other than official email)
  • They share the same IP range + host as FameSwap
  • Both have whois privacy on.
  • Shoutcart claims it works with companies like eBay and Warner Bros, do you really believe that?
  • A few searches on ShoutCart confirms that people have been cheated by them.


Well i told it considering the listing: https://shoutcart.com/browse
And no of people actively been part of it.

But yes true enough why would a clean company hide address of business.

And this i for surely dont believe (Shoutcart claims it works with companies likeeBay and Warner Bros, do you really believe that?)