Fameswap.com/Shoutcart.com are possibly scamming people



And to answer your other question, no. We don’t know if those people are the actual owners. But didn’t some of our members said that they got cheated via FameSwap middleman process?

It’s tough to locate the real owners, they’re sure being elusive. I hope they see this and come here to clear their name.


i also want to confirm that they are scammers and stealers , they stoole from my friend 2300$ in Bitcoin !!


I found a fb page on there that someone was offering for $1800 for 4 million likes. So I skyped with him and the only way he would prove me who he was is by showing me a “live video” of the page. I said “Message me from the page!” he said no. “Respond to me from the page!” he said no. “Make me the lowest level editor to see that this page is yours!” he said no. I gave up and said “Sorry, forget it, you can’t show you own the page”


I literally got scammed by the same guy in November 2016. It was via a Facebook group named “Fameswap”.

However I don’t think they’re related to Shoutcart.com & Fameswap.com. I think those scammers are using their names in their Facebook groups, without any relationship with those websites. I can be wrong, but that’s what I think those guys are doing.

I use Shoutcart & Fameswap and it’s going fine. I get paid via Shoutcart, but never actually used Fameswap their Escrow system via their website.

I agree that it’s sketchy they don’t have an actual adress, but I would like to hear from people if they’re actually scammed via the Fameswap website. I’m not talking about scammed via people advertising, but via their Escrow service. I never used that before myself, so I can’t judge about that.


you have all the proofs above , the sites are scammers all so dont defend please , you can check the proofs above thanks , my friend just got scammed 2300$ so when someone is defending them i feel a bit weird !! thanks for understanding


I got scammed 550$ by the same guys, I’m not defending them. The only thing I’m saying, I don’t see any evidence about them being the actual owners of Fameswap or Shoutcart.

I can make a Facebook group named ‘Swapd group’, say I’m the owner of Swapd and scam people too, that doesn’t mean I’m the owner and the Facebook group is related to Swapd in any way.

I’m not defending Fameswap, but I don’t see evidence they’re scamming.


Agreed, it may just be members on Fameswap that are scamming, but has anyone ever got scammed using Fameswap’s escrow (Payoneer) service that they have just recently implemented on the website?


Nah man that’s actually their business address. The location is WeWork coworking space: https://www.wework.com/plans They are a legit company.

That means the owner is just renting a desk or a private office there. Their plans on site linked above include mail handling. It’s pretty common for people to use a co working space address on business documents if they don’t want to have their home address listed on everything which makes sense.


Thank you for the explanation. But that doesnt change the fact that they have a iffy history, lots of scam reports, and I seriously doubt WarnerBros is a company they work with. But I would love to be proven wrong. A legit company would also be incorporated, I will try to find their VAT/EIN/TAX ID number, as that cannot be faked and it can be verified. Anyone has an invoice from them? Would love to see one.


Better yet, I will call wework today and simply ask if they can transfer me to ShoutCart. Or if a company like that exists. Will update later.


You no what , this is just one, and because fameswap/shoutcart had a brand value it got highlighted, but there are bunch more groups and people scamming around. The link @Roar Junior had posted (Image) the guy raphel burns, one of the biggest scammer in history and i guess i have seen more than a dozen scams reports against him. Similarly there are others groups also like : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1593946560917735/
Strangely this group has 15K members and the admins here are scammers too and so are many members. because the one who gets scammed here are immediately banned by the admins so thet he/se cannot post about it or expose it.
I Think @Swapd should make a forum about all these facebook groups and accounts you have been charged of scamming in past in order to guide new people and even the old.


While the idea is good, I believe it would leave room for abuse. People would revenge post in it just to smear someone. I would like to keep tabs on everything to make sure everything is proven. Just like this topic, we’re not 100% sure yet, and if we can’t prove it, I will delete this topic.


OK. I tried looking up Oregons (the official state of ShoutCart location) database to see if a company name ShoutCart exists, but naturally their website is down:

Since ShoutCart is located in Portland, I went to their city database to see if their business is licensed there, found no results. You can look it up here: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/revenue/lookup/index.cfm?

I also called wework, they don’t have a company directory and they currently seem closed. I will try later.


Since you’ve done business with them, do you have any kind of invoice that would show a TAX ID? If so, can you PM it to me? I’d like to close this thread up if we can’t find concrete proof about them. I agree that someone may be scamming in their name, happened all the time on our other websites.

  • Spoke to a friend of mine, who once told he as an influncer is shoutcart and sells shoutcart there. Upon inquiry he told that he received his payout 2 week back. I asked about invoice, to which he said they dont receive any and said the orders are reflected upon dashboard and payouts on your preferred withdrawl system. Upon having a discusssion he seemed to be pretty sure, the original and real owners have no part on the scams and someone is just using there names.He even said the owners knew about the fameswap thing and had earlier stated on there website that they dont own any group of trading on facebook. Prior to which the fameswap group was removed. (Probbaly i think the scammers renamed it to shoutcart) When asked about why hiding information etc ? He said most countries law prohibit buy/sell on facebook property etc hence they might be doing this. Earlier pages listed on fameswap were all deleted once by facebook and hence they started hiding the url.
    So my question to @Swapd is : do law actually prohibit an organization operating in facebook property ?


Reference : https://www.facebook.com/business/help/community/question/?id=1062426887181448


do law actually prohibit an organization operating in facebook property ?

If you’re asking whether selling social properties is illegal, it’s not. Went over this a million times. Is it against a company TOS? Yes. Is it illegal? No. Terms of service breaches have been proved over and over again in courts not to hold any merit unless you’re breaking obvious laws.

However, can a company take you to court over broken TOS? Sure they can. Anyone can take anyone to court. Can they win? Depends. They would have to prove damages/etc. But I am guessing no one wants to stand up to lawyers of billionaires. So, from a civil standpoint, you can absolutely get in legal trouble. But the very act of selling social properties is not illegal.

Also, the theory that they want to be hidden is weak and it conflincts with the claims that they work with giants like eBay and WarnerBros. Also, they accept credit cards. You cannot do that and expect to be anonymous as a business, period.


Found an old number on their website from Archive.org:

It used to belong to a furniture store in the same city/state ShoutCart is located:
(315) 288-0829
Mabilo Furniture
101 SW Main Street #205
Portland, OR 97204-3210

The furniture store seems gone now, and their domain is some abandoned project of a ringtone site script: mabilo.com

So, we know that the ShoutCart owner may worked at/or was owner a furniture store once :smiley:


That number is also connected to: https://shoutbank.com/ (who is protected)


I only received an amount on PayPal. Never received any invoice.

Although they’re saying they worked with eBay & WarnerBros (which is most likely not true), that doesn’t mean they’re scamming.


That’s true. This is why this thread is unconfirmed. Waiting to see if any more people come up with anything, if not, we will shut this thread down.

However, just the very thought that NO on can locate the owner, or any team member, of either site (and they have been in operation for years) is very, very worrisome.