★★ FAST COMPANY USA CONTRIBUTOR/PROFILE [Publish on FastCompany.com] [Ranks Well on Google] [Get Monthly PR Mentions Too] [VIP Seller] ★★

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After being one of the main providers of Forbes’s full features in the industry, supplying several well-known agencies in the market with the best prices, our own agency is now trying to gain more protagonism, offering better prices to final clients and providing the best service.

We’ve been in the industry for years and worked with +100 placements only on Forbes. Our agency has established deep and direct connections with multiple contributors and columns.

In addition to PR placements we are now offering memberships in the platforms of the most recognized magazines in the business and entertainment industry, allowing people with solid profiles to feel closer to these organizations and giving them even more prestige to their own names.

Want to get your case evaluated by our team so we can get you a contributor spot on Forbes? PM us with your social media URLs including LinkedIn, previous articles, and more!


  • Get a Fast Company profile (ranking really good on Google): SAMPLE
  • Publish expertise articles on Fast Company: SAMPLE
  • Get multiple mentions and quotes published on Fast Company by participating in Expert Panels every month: SAMPLE
  • Complimentary membership for yourself and 2 executives in EXEC, a highly curated hotel, travel, lifestyle, and business benefits program (JoinEXEC.com)
  • Get access to Fast Company CMS and forums to network with other members and founders
  • Get high-touch editorial and concierge support
  • Get official banners, letters, and badges to use on social media, emails
  • Attend curated events in-person
  • Access exclusive brand partnerships


  • We DO NOT usually operate with previously denied cases. If you’ve tried to join Fast Company on your own and got rejected, PM us for more information, but we prefer to work with clean cases from scratch for higher success rates.
  • Not all clients are relevant enough to get a contributor spot and profile on Fast Company. We reserve the right to refuse service to certain individuals.


Will I be able to publish articles mentioning other people and companies?
Ideally, the articles you will be posting need to be related to your experience and expertise in your industry and others related.

However, you can once in a while promote your own company and if it’s well-made and you get an internal approval, you can do mentions to well-known people and also other members that are part of the Fast Company community.


Disclaimer: Fast Company itself will charge a fee of $2,300 USD for 1 year or $3,700 USD for 2 years plus a non-refundable initiation fee of $500 when setting up your account and profiles (ESTIMATED PRICES). These fees are separate from ours and are paid directly to them on their platforms.

TAT: 1-2 weeks usually

Payment Method: Bank Wire, USDT, BTC, ETH