Fast growing website - $4000+/month - 5k+ users a month

Domain name: Ask Me
Website included?: Yes
Price: 8000 or Best offer

Description: This auction is for an amazing website generating over $4k+ a month via selling poker chips for the popular facebook game. The website is growing quick and is already ranking on the top of google for the keywords related. Everyday generates sales.

I started the site over 1 year ago and it is now generating $4000+ a month just on poker chip sales. Site gets over 5k users a month with over 50+/users a day just organic traffic from keywords. This is a fully custom developed WP site that i’ve already spent over $2500 in dev costs alone to get it to where it is. This site ranks #1 in google many of the main keywords.

Included with the sale :
Domains - .com
Wordpress website (Hosted with Namecheap) with a fully functional e-commerce backend + custom dev site
5 Zynga Poker accounts to store chips all with the FB pages and emails.
1 Platinum Zynga acc ( worth $350 ) with email and FB page
Website : mobile responsive
Branding - Logo, images
Website FB Page
Twitter account
Trusted Pilot - Over 62 positive reviews
Tidio Live chat with 100s of chat history and email address to contact people etc
Contacts to the trusted suppliers

How does the business generate revenue and ways to grow?

This business generates money buy buying chips from suppliers at a cheap rate and reselling to our customers for over 60% profit. The site is ranking really high on google so gets organice customers as well and returning customers. If you decide to market on the tables this is another way to get quick and free customers.

Why am i selling the site: I need the funds at the moment unfortunately

Are there any expenses for the business? : Just hosting + domain renewals and then buying the chips from suppliers to resell. Will explain more on request.

Contact me for serious offers. After the site has been handed over to the new owner, I’ll give you a full run down on how to run the site and how to take over everything. How to get the chips - do the transfers etc. The site has huge potential to grow in income as more and more customers are coming on the site and come back every day / week.

Please PM me and send some proof of earning and more info on all this

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PM Me with more info, margins etc…
How much time u spend managing this?

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Just a few chats yesterday from customers and leads. The chat is busy all day for the most part with orders.