Fast & Painless Instagram Username Claim [10+ Handles Claimed on-site]

I’ve been working alongside @Goofy on launching a quick, safe, and painless username claim service for Instagram.

Price: $2000-$3000 (The minimum rate for a claim request is at $2K as of now.)

We can try getting an active name but we’re super confident about claiming inactive ones and have a great success rate.

We cannot claim generic usernames, you know the drill. We can claim the usernames on a fresh account with OG email or on an account that you provide. There are no pre-payment terms. We will claim the handle and you pay after that.

The username you want should be over 5 characters.

We can also take orders for usernames which were turned down by others given that the usernames are not too generic.

Turnaround time: We’ll be fast, 24 hours to 48 hours (during business days) tops, and after we’ve confirmed the order with you.

Do you change verified usernames?
We don’t, but you can find the most popular service for changing verified usernames on SWAPD here.

Payment Methods:
TransferWise | BTC | Bank Wire


They just claimed a username for me in less than 24 hours.
I tried to claim this username for months, well, I actually only tried 2 service providers, but they both failed.

Recommended. Great price and great people to deal with.


Good luck with sales


Looks promising good luck.

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I’ve got a username i’d like to get which seems to not be in use with no profile picture etc, no posts etc. Can you pm me so i can send you the @

Every time @Boogeyman opens a new thread

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GLWS !!! :crossed_fingers:


No generics :frowning:

Always seen good things from @Goofy and @Boogeyman - best of luck on your service!


Hi can you claim Do not share handles publicly. What would the price be.

Check pm

check pm

Send your requests via Personal Messages buddy.

hey, check pm please

Still waiting on reply @Boogeyman

Can you get back to pm

Replied back to everyone, @Goofy and me are going to send in some fresh requests today.


I’d like to use your service

lemme get in that list for today please

DMed you a few days ago

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Vouch for these two. Service is fast and legit

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Sent a private message your way @Boogeyman @Goofy

Looking forward to hearing back and working with you both!

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