FB/IG Media Portal On Your Own Account | Diamond Club Seller

Hi there!

I am selling Media Portals for Entertainment. Portals are US-based and I will get the portal added to your own Facebook account. (These are Media Portals NOT Creator Portals).

With the Media Portal you will be able to submit verification requests, username claims, name changes, recover hacked accounts, appeal for unbans & more.

When messaging for more info, please send me a brief bio about you/your agency and what you intend to do with the Panel so I can confirm if this is suitable for your needs.

I am very strict who I sell this service to, so please only message if you’re serious and can provide in-depth info about who you are/who you’re business is. Please do not get offended if I don’t reply. I will only reply to those who seem suitable from their first message.

Multiple on site tickets successfully completed :white_check_mark:

Serious buyers only.





tell me more!

First on-site ticket was completed within 5 days :white_check_mark:


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Another on-site ticket was completed and was delivered in under 24 hours :white_check_mark::sunglasses:

I’ve messaged you regarding this

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You said you’re selling 1-3 per year but have sold 2 on site in a short period of time. Slightly alarming…

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This is correct. I am very specific about who I sell access to and therefore only offer this on a limited basis. I am not actively advertising or looking to sell, hence why I don’t bump the thread or post much in the thread. I only sell access to those who are suitable! I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some great people so far on here & if 1 more comes along, then fantastic, if not, then it’s no problem, I just won’t sell :slight_smile: Hope that clears any concern up! My PMs are always open to chat too!


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