FB/IG Media Portal On Your Own Account | Diamond Club Seller


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Dm please

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I’ve been away for meetings (including a meeting with Meta) over the past few days but I’m back and have just replied to 30+ messages of those who MAY be suitable to purchase this service :slight_smile:

Thanks for your patience!

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Looking forward to this pm me with more info

Interested. I didnt get a response from you about the price details

Would love to see what qualifications you are looking for i would love to be able

Send me details about yourself + company/agency

On it

I’ll check. Make sure you’ve sent me as much detail as possible

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Dm price

Price please? Agency owner here.

Message me details about yourself & your agency

How work ? You also tell them about selling access to the portals ?

:joy: :joy: :joy:

Still waiting for your reply

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hey i’ve sent you my message pls check it bro

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dm price

Check pm !

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Wats the price for this? Please share details… thank you

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Still looking to get pricing for this

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DM me details about you/your company and we can discuss! :slight_smile: