FB page bought and got restricted the next day for week!

Hi all,

Bought a page the other day, started posting and all went well until I found this morning the annoying red notice that my page violated FB’s policies in some way and is restricted for a week. I hope it will only be a week, I have another page where the restriction is on auto-pilot and gets automatically renewed every week for months now.

What do you think happened? It might be beneficial for all users here to know what’s recommended and mostly what’s recommended NOT TO DO when you buy a new page. Who knows what really happened there? Any known problematic sellers NOT to buy from?

Happy to hear your input.

Everytime I bought a new page it has been restricted or completely disabled in a matter of hours. ( without posting anything ) its like they dont like me.
Facebook is insanely risky.

Toda Yair.

Do you think it will be a one week thing?

Anything buyers can/should do to decrease chances of this happening?

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I don’t think anyone knows what to do in order to decrease the chance of a restriction. I honestly think their algorithm is broken and random.

But maybe someone more experienced have an idea…

To prevent this you should wait at least 1 week before removing the original admin.

Just claim the page via business manager and let the previous owner be admin for a week or so and then ask him to remove himself.

To take more precautions, after a week of him being admin tell him to make himself editor for 1 - 2 more days and then he can remove himself.

If you’re constantly getting restrictions on your FB account, make another account and deal with the page on that.

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I heard about a suggestion to keep seller as Admin for a while, but would require @SWAPD to hold the funds for a week and only after a week seller removes himself and gets paid.

If you just tell him to make himself editor then u could release the funds since he can’t claim it via another business manager.

There are no funds.

I meant in future transactions.

@markbmedia - This is a frequent occurrence now, we’ve warned users about this a few months ago. In rare cases, these restrictions fall into an infinite loop, I hope that’s not the case with your page.

Is it worthwhile considering that you ask the selling Admin to stay on the page for a week and only then release the funds and have them remove themselves rather than risk the page and the entire transaction?

Yeah this happened to me when I bought an ecommerce site a few years ago. I just waited the week before I could do anything, then you can remove the previous admin and you can take over and I didn’t have any issues after this.

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