FB Page Reach


Is it just me or is post reach on FB pages the worst its ever been?

I have a few big pages, from getting 100/200 likes a post im getting 1/2 likes now.

This is the same on all my pages.

Is anyone else having the issue? It seemed to start after fb was down earler this week.

Yeap I have the same problem…
I even started a topic for this problem here, but it seems only a few have the same problem as us. Not everyone


Yes i couldn’t find the original post :see_no_evil:.

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Appeal a Page Block

Your Page has been sharing links that we believe are clickbait, such as a headline designed to get someone’s attention and lure them into clicking it. Your post will still appear on your Page, but it won’t appear in News Feed. You can appeal our decision here.


Nope, that’s not the problem… At least for me…

I know that link, and till now, none of my pages was blocked for clickbait… never…

Problem is somewhere else, as the problem is not only with link reach, I don’t have reach in photos, in videos, even when I reshare other pages posts no reach… So it’s a bug or another kind of block, but not clickbait block…

Another problem I’ve seen is that, I have two different fb profiles, none of them is linked with each other and none of them manages the same pages, all pages that are on this different profiles have the same reach problem even though are not connected…

First I thought is smth related to countries and that some different countries have the problem, but then asked ppl that manage pages from the same country as me and they don’t have the same problem…

Don’t know what the reason may be, but is very odd…

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I have the same issue too. It’s almost a month since it started.

I am also having the same problem. Starting today 3 of my pages reach is very low. like 1500 reach. It used to me 70k on average. I don’t what I did wrong. I tried the appeal link everyone is posting here, and non of my pages are listed there.

Mine is worse, I am gettin 2-3 reach on my pages. No violations and no blocks either.