Few domains for sale (website include for some)

Domain names:

librarevo.com - INT domain name about Facebook Libra crypto
libranews.fr - French domain name about Facebook libra crypto
akee.fr - French domain name (no thema, just short for startup idea)
akee.io - INT domain name (no thema, just short for startup idea)
coinly.fr - French domain (no thema, but useful for crypto)
hellomate.io - INT (no thema, but good name for startup in services or automation tech)
the-bodyguard.fr - French domain name acquired in reselling market and was about music, and now about startup articles (good perf, trust flow and citation flow) WEBSITE INCLUDED
techastuce.com - French tech articles WEBSITE INCLUDED
sos-optique.com - French domain name about glasses
forfait-ipad.fr - French domain name about ipad leasing or internet/mobile provider for ipad
you-jizz.fr - French domain name about… you know what is all about.

Price : BEST OFFER for what you choose.

bump still selling