Fight Page Currently Generating Revenue to Copy and Paste


Country of followers (majority) :us:
Amount of followers: 200K
Topic/Niche: Sports/MMA
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic

Description: Ad breaks are enabled, IA and Audience Network have yet to be touched.

You will also receive access to post any and all of the articles you please for $8CPM. So no website needed to start. Simply copy, paste and get paid.

Just had a video go viral not long ago. Here are the numbers for that post…

I had no intentions of getting rid of this page, but when mortgage is due and you’re already behind, time to get sh*t in order. The price is the EXACT amount I need by July 1st.

PM me. I would also be willing to add some of your posts to for making the purchase.

Thanks everyone!

What’s your best price?

Can you also share link please?

Warning! Your listing is missing key data!

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Sorry Chris, I will get on this now.

once you have sorted it out let me know and ill relist.

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Look good?

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link please

Please send me the link and the price, I can buy the page immediately. Thanks


url please


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