[Fitness Niche] 8 Instagram Accounts + 2 Websites + Facebook Page (Package Deal)

Country of followers (majority): USA
Amount of fans/followers: 80k (total)
Topic/Niche: Fitness
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Follow/Unfollow

Description: What I am selling are those two websites:

  1. https://kissmyabsclub.com (non-unique content)
  2. https://kmac.online (100% unique content the site has been approved for Google grants and used to get hundreds of visitors a day a few months ago, but then it got rejected. It’s possible we can get the grand back, but its possible that we cannot do that)

It comes with 8 Instagram accounts which total 80k = average 10k per IG account. Each Account is focused on different fitness sub-niche such as weight lifting, running, cycling, calisthenics, martial arts, etc.

The accounts are fully verified and have been steadily growing for more than a year.

I will also sell the Facebook Account: REMOVED BY STAFF (26k Likes) which is also organically growing slowly even now after more than 6 months of inactivity.

If the buyer is interested I also have 2 months of unique written drip feed email campaign with automation. I also have a survey created and a funnel for it and an automation that gets the answers of people directly to GetResponse and the feed campaign is automated to respond to people depending on their needs as they stated in the 5 question survey that they have filled. I also have uniquely written PDFs and other goods I can provide. The trick with those is that surveyfunnel and getresponse are not paid and need to be paid in order to be able to use all of those automations and the email list inside which is more than 10k people. All gathered through facebook ads.

A ton of work, time and money have been invested into creating all of that, but due to lack of time since I became a father and started a new massive project makes me want to sell them to someone who can keep on growing. The brand is called Kiss My Abs Club and I can provide logos and everything as well if someone wants to keep the brand and not just use the social channels.

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Since all these accounts are in the fitness niche, we will allow this listing.

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how many characters is handle?

Kissmyabsclub loaded pretty slow. Have you optimized or can you improve load times?

It uses a paid WP theme which hasn’t been updated in a while. Also you can adjust the settings for the home page to load less articles and images which would decrease the loading time. There is def room for improvement if you want to.

Average 10-15 … All look like real names, no numbers

Still for sale!

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