[FIXED] We're currently experiencing minor issues


It seems that a few features of our website are corrupted, mainly the private messaging and the invite system. Private messages still go through, however, they don’t always trigger the notification and/or they don’t show up in the pull-down menu. We’re looking into this as we speak. If any of you notice any odd behavior please report it by replying to this topic.

I apologize for the inconvenience and I thank you for your patience.


Notifications and private messages weren’t working, but our developer notified us that things are up and running. However, it seems that all PM’s sent while the service was down won’t arrive at their destination, so you will have to resend any messages you’ve sent in the last 24 hours.

I apologize for the down time. (This is a BETA release, remember? You guys can’t be angry at us :P)


Thanks for keeping us posted admins! We appreciate it :slight_smile:


It seems the issue it bigger than we thought. In some instances, replies aren’t getting through at all.
As soon as we hear something from our dev, we will let everyone know.


Things are fixed, original message edited.


Thanks for continuing to work out the kinks. This is a great forum and marketplace.


I’d say we are at 75% where we want to be :smiley: Just a few more visual changes, a few changes to checkout + we will enable the invites for trusted members. We need the forum to grow and it won’t until people start inviting others.

Thank you for your kind words.