Forbes Monaco Full Feature

Forbes MC

I can publish a person/company feature article with any of these combinations:

  1. Around 400 words with 1 image
  2. 400-600 words with 1 image and 1 link
  3. Around 600 words with 2 images and 2 links
  4. Around 1000 words, 3 links and up to 5 images

All of these have different prices, so please PM if you’d like more info. Prices start at $3100.

I can also provide writing services for an extra fee. TAT is 48 hours :slight_smile:

Pricing plz

PM me

send me best reseller price with sample article

Thank you !

can you PM prices please, and are these links Do follow?

I would like to know the price for 600 words article and a backlink.

please send rates


Hi can you share an example of what the article looks like? I’m very interestd for my biz.

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