Forbes USA Guaranteed (1-2 Week TAT - Leadership Column)

Service type: Forbes USA Guaranteed (1-2 Week TAT - Leadership Column)

Price: $8500

I have been in the digital PR space for the last 5 years and have gotten dozens of clients full features in Forbes off site. However, it seems there are so few people who can deliver Forbes USA for clients I figured I’d offer our services here.

We are limiting it to only 5 clients per month from Swapd in order to ensure I can still fulfill for our current clients and resellers.

If all the slots are filled for the month, you will be put in the queue and given on of the slots for next month.


  1. Client fills out press questionnaire
  2. Contributor writes first draft
  3. Clients makes edits until final draft is approved
  4. Contributor submits for publishing

Turn Around Time
1-2 Weeks

Payment Method:
USDT, Bank Wire, Wise


Are there any people or industries you can’t get published?

  • cannabis
  • porn/adult entertainment
  • MLM
  • Forex
  • Anyone with a public felony

Is this sponsored?
No. There will be no sponsored tags. It’s an organic full feature.

What section?
The article will be published in the leadership section of Forbes.

Can I get an example?
NO. To protect the identity of our contributors we will not show an example, do not ask or your PM will be ignored.

Is it Staff or Contributor?

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  • No Name in title.
  • No Photo
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