Form 5472 + Form 1120 Filing For US LLC For Non-Residents | $500 - Deadline = April 15th!

Hey everyone! I’ll be offering filing services for Form 5472 + Form 1120.

Almost any movement between the LLC and a Non-Resident is a reportable transaction and this has to be reported to IRS on a yearly base. You will have to file Form 5472 if you have not done any business with your US LLC because you paid for your US LLC with your personal bank account. This is a reportable transaction.

Who needs to file?

Disregarded entities must submit Form 5472 together with a pro-forma Form 1120, which is often only utilized by US corporations. On the pro-forma Form 1120, just essential information such as name, address, and EIN are required.

Important: you need to have your EIN to file these Forms! We can get your EIN within 24 hours! Check my post here: EIN Fast Track Application For Non-Residents | $750 - 100% Success - Get EIN In 24 Hours!

When do you need to file?

Every year, the deadline is set for April 15th. It is identical to the deadline for filing Form 1120 for US corporations. An extension till October 15th can be asked for and is typically granted without question.

:moneybag: Pricing

  • $500 exclusive SWAPD Fees. Payment in USDT (ERC-20 & TRC-20), USDC, Credit Card, Bank Transfer

:alarm_clock: Turnaround Time

  • 1 - 7 business day

:question: How To Get Started?

Please send me a message and I will ask you for the required details.

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