Free Haro Backlinks for Admins and VIP Resellers

Service type: I am offering a service for Haro Backlinks, this is new for a lot of users here. So I am offering 5 free Backlinks to get some reviews for this service.

Out of these 5 Backlinks, 2 Spots are reserved for Admins and 3 for members with VIP and above badges, preferably Resellers so that we can keep doing business after the review copies.
The Backlinks will be on high DA premium publications.

I will need the website URL from you alongwith a 150-200 words bio/business information so that I can pitch you/your client to journalists.

Admins will get this for totally free but VIP + members will have to pay $10 so that I can keep freeloaders away. Preference will be given to those who are offering Backlinks/PR to clients so that you can resell this service and we can hopefully do a log term business. DM me if you have any queries. Here is the link to the service of you want to know more.

You are looking for resellers but forgot to add prices.

Good HARO links are hard to come by. I know as ive sold these links myself. Lots of HARO links are worse than you get from any niche edit seller because the sites using HARO are also fishing for content (Low metrics).

The authority sites (high metrics) have massive competition so the links and opportunities available really vary.

What sorts of links you usually get?
Sites under/lower with Ahrefs DR50?
DR can be easily manipulated but i had to draw the standard somewhere.
What are your prices? I see you offer $10 for VIPs but not sure if this will be the end service price… doesn’t seem logical as 10 is just peanuts.

The $10 is for review copies bro, I know good Haro links are very hard to come by, but I have mastered a pitching format with a pretty high success rate, the end price for Links totally depends on Publications, the high end publications like Forbes, Inc, Business Insider are priced at $1500

Thanks i already found yound thread once i had finished my comment.

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Anyways im interested in a review copy.

Not a VIP but i should be as the transactions passed through my account are higher than required to have an VIP account. Not sure why they havent added it.

The thing is that i think you are not able to accept the $10 fees as there are bare minimums to open tickets and the minimum ticket fee is already $20 so theres that.

Not an issue I wil throw a review copy your way for free, please DM me the Business/Website details.

One Review copy is gone, two remaining from VIP users and 2 for Admins. If you are a reseller then just DM me and let’s get you a review copy with one Backlink for totally free. You will have to leave a review on the original thread once you get your backlink, I am looking to build some reputation and reviews.

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Count me in!

Review copy still available?

All gone

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