Free IG tool that ranks the Top 100 posts of any IG public user

This post is authorised by @Swapd team.

Hey folks,
For many weeks I was searching for this kind of tool, but couldn’t find it.
So I had it developed and here is the result:

It’s a quick and free tool for Instagram content curators and social media professionals, like us.
Simply search any Instagram public profile and find out its most viral content in terms of Engagement (likes + comments), Likes only or Comments only.
It’s a great way to discover what type of content stands out for brands and influencers, on Instagram.

The system can take up to 20-50 seconds to rank the most engaging 100 posts, so thanks for your patience.

Update: As per Swapd recommendation, you can now access any public account top 100 posts directly in the url, example:
You might use such a link when you advertise your IG accounts here (in private messages, otherwise it will unveil username), to show what type of content did really good in your feed, and the potential of your account.

I’m open to feedbacks and recommendations.
Note: I purchased a SSL certificate, should be up in the next 48 hours.



Hi, my name is David and I approve this message. It’s a useful tool.

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Exclude @Swapd. he’s a noob!

This is an amazing tool!
Just sent it to a whatsapp group of the biggest influencers & biggest ig accounts in Israel, they will use it a lot


Yair is such a newb he’s still growing MySpace accounts.


You’re still growing Tumblr accounts Nub

Well it totaly works.Thanks mate! :pray:

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Great tool mate!

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Nice. I have a program like this on my pc, but it’s way easier via your website. Thanks.

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thanks for the shoutout !!

Hopefully he also gave a shoutout to SWAPD! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Would love to see an options where we could share an URL to a particular report. Could help with showing the potential of accounts to interested buyers, and it would help your website spread as people could include these links in their listings.

And https!

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Anyone got any friends reunited accounts for sale???

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That’s a very good idea, will work on that and will update once it’s live.

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System is back up after a 12 hours crash :slight_smile: developing the URLs options this week

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The program never shows any posts from more than 2 months ago, I thought it ranks the best posts of a specific user regardless when it was posted?

Erwan Thanks works on fire thanks again for sharing

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The program analyses the last 500 posts, regardless of the time when it was posted.
We tried analysing the last 1000 posts, but the program crashed last night because of that, so we limited it at the 500 last posts, I still think it’s quite relevant.

We have a lot of on-going bugs. Working hard on solving them. I believe in one week, the tool will work perfectly. It’s still a very new tool, thank you all for your patience and feel free to report any bug.

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Thanks for the effort you put into this, looking forward to updates!

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