Full Feature Article to LA Weekly | Sample link mentioned | Fast Delivery

Service type: Full Feature Article to LA Weekly
Price: $450 + Fee


  1. Yes it’s a Full Feature Article to LA Weekly.
  2. Actual Price for LA Weekly is $500 & For Now it’s $450 only (ITS GOOD OFFER TO GRAB IT)
  3. Content is also provided by our team.

Sample Link: https://www.laweekly.com/calciatori-ignoranti-dominates-the-football-community-as-a-leading-360-degree-sports-company-here-are-the-details/

TAT: 1 Week Maximum.

Payment: USDT (TRC20) & Bank Wire.


With that price, it shouldn’t be "Branded content* aka not LA Weekly but an outlet that the site let them post because they have to generate as much media as possible a day.

Regardless, I don’t know if posted as branded and “staff” would make it look legit, but LA Weekly certainly would work towards verification.

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This will be published same as I’ve shared the link and it work for verification.

It doesn’t matter if the content is published by Branded Content or Staff.

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