Full featured article on LA Weekly at just $340 || 1 day delivery || Effective in verification

Service type : Get Featured on LA Weekly [ Cheapest ]
Price : $340+fee only

Description : I will get you featured on La Weekly at the cheapest price possible.

TAT - 24 Hours

This price includes writing as well.

Absolutely the best deal you’ll ever get.

PM me for any other Press you need at the best price possible!

All payment modes accepted.

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Interested with LA weekly


Check dm. 2 tickets started already :100:

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When can done post? I will send my project right?


Yes! I messaged you. Check. You can send your article as well.

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Open ticket. I’ve an article ready. Great offer :+1:

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Is this a guest post, contributor or sponsor post? Need some example!

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Need to be on the entrepreneur section if possible!

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Samle sent. Check inbox