Full website/make $$$ monthly/ FB & Twitter included [Repriced!]

Domain name: realitieswatch.com
Website included?: Yes

Facebook page also included, unfortunately no so active due to long time not working on it:
United States of America fans: 6,216
India fans: 5,237

Twitter account with 720 followers - we are not so active there.

The website contains over 4000 article.

Price: 800$


Realities Watch was launched in 2014 as a website for news from all over the world (specially US). This news include politics, health, human rights, conspiracy theories and later many more categories were added, like motivational and life issues. These categories were mainly together because we used to share the links of this website on many social media pages, especially Facebook. Some pages interested in politics so we share politics articles, some of life issues so we share relationships and motivational articles … etc. That’s why our audience is 100% organic and we monetize this website via display advertising.

This means, if you have good Facebook pages or other social media profiles with good followers, all you have to do is to post and earn!

I stopped working on the website and page 2-3 months ago because i couldn’t have any more time for it.

Why is it that easy?

Simply, the website contains a lot of articles which are very hot and interesting issues for many. During the last 3 years, Realities Watch got million of visits from all over the world and made more than 50k $ without the need to make any advertising campaigns or even “promoted posts” on Facebook!

PS1>>> Screenshot of all earnings since the first day this website was launched can be sent to you if you’re interested.

PS2>>> the fb page included is not the main source of traffic. I used to make deals with other pages and share it on over 1m likes pages to get good traffic. So if you have good page it will do great for you.

Do you or have you ever purchased traffic?

As motioned above, we didn’t pay for any ads and we didn’t buy any traffic. All was 100% revenues.

Do you guarantee revenue?

Absolutely not! This depends on the traffic you can get.

What can you tell about the posted articles?

The articles in the website are all posted with permissions from writers, other websites, some was taken from RT, they also said yes for that and there was no problems regarding this issue since the website started.

The website is moderated by WordPress. It is very easy to post, remove or edit articles.

There are no email lists included.

Why are you selling this business?

I started new study in the Uni months ago, and my free time is getting reduced day by day, so as my other partner. We have our own things now and we have no more time to take care of this website. We would like to sell for someone who is really interested and want to go on with building this work.

Which accounts will you be including?

Facebook & Twitter

Any emails included?


Have you done any Search Engine Optimization?

Yes, we worked on that too. The website is also linked very good inside, means the article that have the same interest. You can also find most of its articles at the first or second page in Google.

Has the site ever received any search engine penalties?


What are the sources of revenue?

All revenue is from Content.ad and MadAdsMedia.com. Previously, we used to use PropellerAds, but since they have a lot of pop-ups, they are not suggest to be used again because this made us lose some visitors.

Where is the site / domain hosted and does this need to change after purchase?

The site is hosted on a cPanel hosting,I will transfer it to the buyer’s hosting account.

Domain is valid till Jul 23, 2018

Hosting is valid till Jul 7, 2018

Is Seller Support Included?


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How much of the content is unique?

well i can’t give exact percent for that, but since i started that website i always posted other websites articles with permission and re-share them, the website made very good money, because it depends on traffic you can get.

Thank you for letting me know.

I went more down in price as i am in hurry for sale. PM if you’re interested .

price updated

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