Gaming YouTube Channel - 62000 Subs - Monetization Enabled - No copyright strikes

Amount of subscribers: 62,000
Country of subscribers (majority): US/Mix
Topic/Niche: Gaming
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic


A gaming commentary Channel. It was abandoned (no longer cared for) by the owner in March 2017. Back then, a posted video did 140K views. The owner came back this year and uploaded a video which only reached 53 viewers, so he got discouraged and decided to sell the Channel to us.

The good:

  • 78 videos uploaded, a 1/3 of them are monetized. Very few copyright notices.
  • No MCN’s.
  • Monetization enabled.
  • No copyright strikes.
  • Good niche.

The bad:

  • No recent activity.
  • US/CA/UK/AU viewership (combined) is around 10%.
  • Lifetime revenue only 65 USD.

Trusted seller here, proofs of income before link :smiley:

You go first. Me payment Paypol or Biitcone.

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I have just been notified by one of our members that due to the inactivity on the Channel the monetization may be at risk. Basically, it may get revoked. Something to consider before you purchase.

Which is price please?

I am taking offers.

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DM me a price and link, not my niche at all but looking for a monetized yt chan. thanks

what’s the url and can I know what’s your best offer?

Current offer, 800 USD. Selling this by the end of tomorrow.

Ugh, my 800 USD bid backed out, so taking offers again.

Thats the worst :sob::sob:

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Yew scammer, trap innocent poople, god watch, yew get punish. take my offer. god help you.

No way, you’re lowballing :smiley:

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Current offer at 450 USD.

Is it possible to re-activate these subscribers. If yes, some tips please.

It’s possible with the following conditions:

  1. Make a really good video (tough to do)
  2. Have a little luck (not all channels can be revived. It’s a 50/50 shot. No one can predict this until you try)

Can you please send me URL?

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URL sent!

send me links and price

send me links and price