Get $1200 Reels Bonus on your Current or New Facebook Page! I can Approve your Page

Service type: 1200$ Reels Bonus Eligible
Price: 180$ + Swapd Fee


I can Approve Reels Bonus on your Facebook Page!
You get 1200$ bonus on Your Page.

DM for More Details.

Note: 1200$ is not loaded. After getting eligible for it. You should upload reels.

Hi can you do this on any page?

But these Bonus Reels only be available for US bank account.

If you are able to attach US account.
I can do your current page eligible :+1:

Interested in this lmk details

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How does this work? Will I be able to attach my own identity to the account and cash out? Interested

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Want to know the same things.

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Yes you can attach you own bank account.

Only for US based

Iā€™m interested

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DM me!!!

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Can I attach my Sisters account who live in the US?

Yes you can

We pay you $180+fees and then we get $1200 reels bonus which we can deposit in usa bank acc, correct?

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It is not ready payment for cash out.

Your page will be eligible for $1200 for every month. You should upload reels every views you will get earning. It mean every 11million reel play you will get $1200.

After getting eligible you should upload reels.

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Hey can you pm me about this