Get on Fox, NBC, ABC, Reuters and more! LOW PRICE!

Service type: Premium Press Release

Price: $999

Description: What I’m offering is a Premium Press release that guarantees to get your website or article in Fox, Reuters and other similar publications. Your press release will be live on a minimum of 350 publications and we guarantee to include reuters, Fox and NBC along with the article getting listed in the Associated Press directory. We can also guarantee Google News inclusion! Just message us to see if we can for you!

You will be sent a full report with live links and the article will also be fully written by us and approved by you before they go live. The links are on Reuters and associated press Main site but are on the local versions of Fox and NBC eg Fox5.

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This service cost 50$ and you selling it for 999$…

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Where can you buy it for $50? :smiley:

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Go on any link building marketplace and you will find it.

$50 for articles in reuters associated press along with Fox etc? I highly doubt it

$225 on Blackhatworld for 480+ outlets, including Reuters:


You can find lower price on Fiverr.
These links are not permanent, and the most of them are not indexed…

Reuters and a few other large ones are permenant. Smaller ones drop after a few months

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Are this kind of articles working to grow the public presence of a Facebook Page ?

Of course, the press release would be about a Facebook page.

Yes you can do it for a Facebook page :+1:

I can confirm, I am able to buy 250 USD press releases (top-notch written article included) and be able to show up on the top news sites.

The problem with these press releases is that they bring no long-term value. 95% of the publications get deleted in 2-4 weeks, so you get no SEO juice. To the contrary, I’ve actually had negative SEO results using press releases. Press releases are OK for what they’re, press releases. If you’re trying to get time-sensitive info/news out there, they’re great. But, if you’re trying to push a product, improve your rankings or credibility, then in my opinion, they’re not very good.


@neilbhabuta as much as I think you’re a legit cool guy, I have to agree with everyone on here. Press releases suck to be honest, FB & IG both reject them if you try to use them for verification. It looks completely paid. Featured articles posted on big publications on the other hand have much more weightage. They can be used to get verification done, and are not removed as frequently as these press releases are removed + they’re written in such a way that it doesn’t completely look paid.

Most of the press releases you can buy online in mass are no-follow links, which add 0 contribution to your websites ranking. 99% of them look paid.

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No follow links can actually help. just need to build it smartly. a good ratio of follow and unfollow external links

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Right, only if you build it smartly. No-follow links should always be more than do-follow, I’ve used them to maintain a healthy balance of the site entirely, never had much contribution from them in terms of ranking.

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Send me details

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