Get the Gold Star on Snapchat | Snapchat Verification

Service type: Golden Star :star: on Snapchat ( account verification )
Price: 2000$
Payment method: BTC


Description: I can submit your account for verification (The golden star next to your name). In order for me to submit you’d need:

  • Decent amount of story views
  • Account that follows community guidelines
  • Relevant press articles to proof public interest

I haven’t done this on-site yet so happy to do them without pre-payments first! Send me your account and I’ll see if you are eligible for this.


Hello? :pleading_face:

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Still taking orders, no prepayment needed!

I dont have much views due to location and activities but I am interested in getting your services. Let me know if we can work things out in some way.


Taking orders

Off topic but are you able to do username requests?

They don’t do such things

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sent you a PM , please reply asap

am sent u on PM


Hey I am interested but I am curious if it’s possible to do this is a brand new account that has nothing on it

Hey I have a client for this. PM me.

Since @Appah quality of service has severely degraded in the past weeks, we’re shutting his services down for now.