Get you active snapchat TV show or Portal

Service type: Snapchat show or portal
Price: 10k+

Description: Can get your show live on Discovery or get you a direct snapchat portal to host your show from a representative.

Kindly reach out to us for more info.


I need Snapchat shows. Please PM me more information. I have portal


hey i want to buy portal

Hey please check your messages.

Interested please DM me let’s have a chat!!!

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I want to buy discovery show portal pm me

Hey Daniel,
I am looking for a Snapchat portal with multiple shows for my client. We have a 6 figure budget. Please reach back out to me

im a youtuber and very interested in getting a snapchat show!

Check DMs

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plz dm

Hello Same, I already have the Snapchat Story Studio Portal and I applied to many shows on my portal but didn’t get any approval from Snapchat.
So I’m concerned about that can you suggest to me any trick for the success ratio for Snapchat shows?
Otherwise, I am even happy to buy Snapchat shows if you want to sell them in your portal then let me know.
I’m happy to assist you.

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And i can buy the portal as well

now Snapchat do not accept any new show