Get you featured on Thrive Global - Goodreads - Disrupt - Github

Service type: Guestpost Articles on Thrive Global - Goodreads - Disrupt - Github
Price: 300$ for 1 - 450$ for 2 - 600$ for 3 (if you need more, just ask and will let you know the prices)


We will make an article about you, your company, business, what you want.

Don’t ask for other publications, at the moment we only have Thrive Global, Goodreads and Disrupt , we had more, will update the thread

The articles will be created based on questions that you will have to answer, or we can also publish your already one (just need to be exclusive, so never hosted already off-on-line)

If you are interested, ask in dm as well and I will be happy to answer everyone

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News :

One article on Thrive it’s already sold ! Going to provide 2x for a client, waiting to get the 2nd published too and then will waiting a feedback for the work :slightly_smiling_face: and provided at 310$ instead of 450$

So hurry up, if you are interested, i’ll do other 2 at 350$ - then from next orders will be overpriced

I can vouch for this seller.

I bought 2 articles from him for PR/Press/Verification purposes and and both have been featured only 12 hours after I placed the order. I usually have to wait a while for the articles to be published but this was super fast.

I will be using them for IG verification

10/10 and honest prompt seller


Thanks you. Glad u liked the articles :page_with_curl::hugs:

Sent you PM

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I’ll check now

New guestposts available now on Goodreads - get first article approved , if anyone need, the website have high DA

Happy to share first article did offsite, if anyone want to see an examples.

will this help in instagram verification ?

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Mixed with other valid websites, just 1+2 doesn’t make differences if you have bad other press.
Get lots of clients verified who have btw press on Thrive and Disrupt. Also the new one i added recently, goodreads, have an high DA so it’s not a bad deal to have something on it too

First published article on Disrupt, if anyone want to see an example, feel free to ask !

Examples pls

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Send example please

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Updated list :

Thrive Global

sended you @dm


Just spoke with OP, and it for thrive, anyone can submit an article to their community. And such articles have a disclaimer at the bottom of the page which is the case of the links OP provided.

For GoodReads, the blog post is written by a user with zero credibility. And the article page looks different than how official articles are written.

For GitHub, OP just provided a GitHub repo of a profile with 0 profiles that hosts the article. Nothing special here too.

I suggest you understand what you’re getting out of this if you choose to proceed.