Get your business officially managed by Twitter/X Representatives

Hi all,

Excited to bring this new unique service to our community.

We can help your company become officially managed by Twitter, offering several key advantages:

  1. You’ll have a dedicated representative who specializes in running ads on Twitter within your specific business niche. Our representatives cover a wide range of niches, including e-commerce, crypto/NFT, finance, tech, and more.

  2. You’ll have the ability to request support for your business account, ensuring you won’t need to worry about ad account suspensions, unauthorized access, or wrongful bans.

  3. Enjoy complimentary X premium benefits – meaning you won’t need to subscribe to access these premium features and verification checks.

  4. If your company is crypto-related, you’ll also receive a certificate that enables you to run crypto ads on Twitter.

This offer is best for companies that advertise on Twitter, and I’m only considering applications from legitimate businesses, and I’ll need to review the details beforehand. Certain requirements are associated with this offer, which we can discuss with potential clients.

If you need assistance or are interested in this offer, feel free to DM me. :slight_smile:


GLAWS @Pitbull :fire:


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Would these work to help blow up a personal account?

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This offer is for businesses only. :slight_smile:

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Bump, taking more businesses orders :slight_smile:


price? I have a health & wellness biz

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We have a travel agency business and need a twitter-master. contact us.

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Sent a PM.

Done a few cases off site last week, taking new orders!

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Hey, we have 2 business accounts that were suspended for spam (we have no idea why).

Can we get this and then get help to be un-banned?