Get Your Project Incorporated in a Crypto Safe Haven and Listed on a CEX

Service type: Get Incorporated in a Crypto Safe Haven (Joseon) and Get Listed on a CEX that is listed on both Coingecko and Coinmarketcap.
Price: 15000 USDT

Description: I will help you get your business approved in Joseon and get listed on a CEX that is listed on both Coingecko and Coinmarketcap. You will need to register on Joseon, and after acceptance to the exchange, you will need to complete KYC with the exchange directly.

The normal price for the exchange is 20000 USDT.

This is a great way for musicians to raise funds for a song business, as can be seen here and !

It’s also good for other projects as well like news outlets !

We also provide CMC/CG Listing Services

-CoinGecko: $2,000 (24/72 hours)
-CoinMarketCap: $7,500 (24 hour listing, safety 48 hours)
-CoinGecko+CoinMarketCap: $8,000

-Official Website:
-Dextools Link:
-At least 50k LP on dextools and 50k volume on DEX

PM if you have any questions!


can you tell me more about this? How can we use this as a label?

Absolutely - basically, if artists in your label have a project (or album project) that they wish to allow to be owned by the community (but they would also participate, with the community), they can do a business in Joseon where laws allow you to securitize your business with crypto tokens, essentially creating a legal DAO.

They can then sell tokens (which are shares of the company which own the project) to raise funds in order to use them for videos, marketing, etc. per the DAO’s direction.

is this most relevant for artists or for others too

hey do u work for joseon? i have just looked into it and seems interesting

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This is relevant for everyone who wants to start a business, not just Musicians! :slight_smile:

but i saw u have to send in crypto to do it so thought looked bit fishy

For sure - inherent with business registration in any jurisdiction there is a small registration fee.

but its surprising how any business can just register right

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