Get Your unregistered Instagram Handle Verified , NO PR required

Note : Price Excluded from SWAPD Fees


NO PR required , You send me unregistered Instagram Handle and i register it and verify for you from 7 Days to 21 Days .

I Can take little Orders per Week so the process will be arranged .

I will take one Order to proof that my work is Good after delivered i can take 3 Orders Per week

Payment Methods : BTC or Wire Transfer

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What do you mean unregistered?

@SWAPD has the seller delivered on this before? This seems odd to me

You look for Available , Non registered Handle and i register then Verify then deliver it for You

On my main account, I can remove my Instagram handle and it says I can still claim it back for 14 days (so nobody else can steal it). If I do this, does that count as not registered?

If without pre payment and some kind of insurance id give it a try

No , Available Handle which i can register

Money must be in Hands of Admins to Guarantee process

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Ok fair enough. The thing is what if your ig insider gets busted say after month or so :thinking:

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Nothing like that may happen , You take acc with OG and i must register through Portal where i verify :smiley::smiley:


sorry mate but ive seen it happen . The only way i know of without PR is through an ig insider and when they get busted its a done. But maybe im wrong. Gl with the sale :pray:i might contact you after some reviews


I’m interested, but just want to see some reviews.

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You have access to the partner portal and you make a request saying XXX is famous blah blah and they want to make a first time account on Instagram, verify it and they’ll start posting etc.

That’s the pitch?

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First time on IG and Get Verified :grinning::grinning:

Bro everyone has a method working with Just all u get as per descriped


Waiting for the first Lucky one

No idea what you’re saying. Good luck.

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I think you must do one verification for the @Administrators (please confirm if it’s still like that) to be allowed to offer verifications on here.

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He has sold 2 verified IG accounts previously, on SWAPD. Maybe that counts.

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I will do for a customer with a ticket so i cant receive money till its Done

Sounds too good to be true but I’d definitely like to be proven wrong.

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