Get your username on Instagram | Instagram Username Claim Service

Get your username on Instagram | Instagram Username Claim Service

I can claim most of the inactive usernames on Instagram for you. Send it to me via PM so I can review the username you want and let you know if it’s possible.


  • Desired username must be 6 character or more.

  • If you don’t have a strong placeholder account, I can claim the username to the account I will create.

  • Keep in mind that Instagram policies state that certain usernames may not be available for transfer if they are too generic (example: “pizza” “david” “joy” “JT”). Or they may be active in another entity.

  • I can change the username of verified accounts without losing the verified badge. (Does not include hacked and purchased accounts.)

Price: $2,000 (Depends on the handle)

Payment Method: Crypto

The timeframe for the request to be finalized varies according to the intensity. Usually a few minutes. or several hours (But it can take up to 24 & 48 hours)

How are the steps?

I will transfer the desired username to your account or to a new account for you. You can transfer it later. Username security doesn’t concern me after I give you the account.

If you have any other questions please send me a PM.

Some user experiences have been added below. :black_heart:


Please dm me

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Dm please

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Very interested in a username please dm

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Please dm me price for 2 word claim. Is it $2500 or $900


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I sent.

Pm sent

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check if my account become verified pm me

Hi pmed

Sent a username price request

3 Successful and fast order!

Pm me


This guy is genius, swapped the username in a verified account in less than 2 hours.
Highly recommended with the best prices in market.


Still Active.

Are your guidelines strict, I have a 3 letter username 1 year inactive for a large budget lmk if you can claim it

Interested, Serious Buyer

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Hello, I’m interested! Please message me! Thank you!

how much to claim Share Handles in DM on ig?

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