Instagram & Facebook Verification for USA Based Creators & Musicians

We can verify Instagram accounts of public figures that meet verification requirements. Send it to us via PM and we’ll get back to you in a few hours!

This service is only for USA based real musicians & influencers & creators.

Instagram Verification Price for Public Figures: $2,000

Facebook Verification Price for Public Figures: $1,500


  • URL of the account that needs to be verified

  • Other social media accounts, country and well-known names

  • Category of the page (i.e: News/Media, Entertainment, Music, Sports, Fashion and etc.)

  • Press Articles (max 5)

If you have submitted a request from within the application within the last 30 days, please indicate whether your request is finalized or not.

It would be appreciated if you could send the cases to me in PDF. Please do not ask any questions unless you provide the case details.

You can visit the service we offer Instagram Username Claim Service via this URL.


Best in business

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PM’d! Strong case.

Pm me, Have a strong case ready


@Taz just bumped w/ a PDF doc!

Check PM


Taking Requests!

What happen i have sent you case

Haven’t got any reply for the case I Sent

I can’t find your messages. Can you message me again?

Have sent u a case what about that?


Still fast and active! :black_heart:

i have send you a pm

Still fast and active! :black_heart:

Would you do fb for $900-1k (already verified on ig)

Can you verify casinos business ig?

Still fast and active! :black_heart:

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