Gmail has gone full Yair, and we need your help! Cannot change Gmail password without sending the code to the old device

Log in with your mobile phone on the gmail app and set that phone as the primary device. By doing this, it should prompt a notification to that phone instead. Also when a new phone/computer logs into the email, you should get an email saying that there was a suspicious log in and it will say “check activity.” Click that and press that you recognize the device.

Tried that. Didn’t work. The good news is that some Gmail transfers we had since this problem were good, but I have two particular tickets where this is a huge problem. Gmail will not let us change the password without sending the pin to the old phone on file.

And in another ticket, we had the same situation. But we were tinkering with the security settings so much that Gmail now shows three last numbers attached to the email, none of which belong to the current owner. So, even though there isn’t a single number saved in the settings, Gmail now give the option to revert to three different phone numbers to which none of us have access to (most likely previous owners).

After digging through Google policies I found that they usually won’t delete phone numbers from their system, despite you asking them to, and even despite the GDPR laws.

You can have your entire data wiped, but phone number, not so much. Not sure if this is related to our problem, but since Gmail is capable of reverting to 3-4 past numbers AT THE SAME TIME then there is a good chance this is why we have this problem.

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It happened to me once, everytime I was trying to change the password it was asking for a code to be sent on sellers phone.

All I did was change the phone number on the account, and wait for 24-48hours to change the password, and then it somehow asked for a code on a new phone number. Maybe now ita different but I had this issue about 3 weeks ago

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How to solve
1.Change password
2.Add recovery number
3.turn on 2fact
4.Turn on google prompt
And everything would be okay

We can’t change the password, that’s the whole problem.

the seller doesn’t have the number ?

He does, but every time you go to change the pass, it asks for the same old phone number, even if you add a new phone.

i just did again for a gmail it worked perfectly (it was having same ish )

Add a new phone turn on 2fac and authenticator and problem will be solved

100% sure

Did you even read my first post? On this particular account, this didn’t solve anything. On another account it went full retard, and it restored every number under the account (previous three phone numbers).

i read everything

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While changing the password it will ask for a code from the old number (input code and reset) then turn on two factor on phone and then setup authenticator then retry resetting password it wouldn’t send any code to the old number anymore

OK. We didn’t try the authenticator yet, might give that a shot. Thanks.

Sundar pichai swag

Just came tour to e.u, got a new number and all emails in my mob got updated automatically :grin:…!

My advice,

Login gmail in p.c, remove gmail from phone. Remove every ■■■■ related to phone number in gmail…!! And them try adding new number

Also i bought number 2 weeks back…!

I think new numbers will be updated only after a 2 weeks.

Gmail is still 50/50 when it comes to this problem. Sometimes transfers go fine, sometimes they don’t. And now Hotmail (outlook/live too) has gone crazy. For example, when you change the phone number (this doesn’t always happen), it will not let you fully save the change for 30 days. Yep, you have to wait 30 days for your new number to be fully valid so you can remove the old one.

We’re going to have to start a campaign and urge people to set up their social profiles on less crazy email platforms.

Protonmail has always been my go-to for OG emails, only hassle is that there is little to no recovery. You can either take that as a plus or a con.


I would call that a plus :smiley:

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I think so too. :smiley:

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