Gmail has gone full Yair, and we need your help! Cannot change Gmail password without sending the code to the old device

I have had this problem while buying stuff.
I have made a lot of research and I have contacted google support multiple times about this.
They added this “new feature” as an extra layer of security. Of cource it has some problems. But I think they also made it to stop people selling stuff through google services.
There is no method to avoid this. BUT. After the phonenumber change it will start the clock.
For example in YouTube channels when you sell. You have to waut that 24 hours to give the full permission to someone else correct?
This works like the same way. I sadly don’t remember how long it took. (After this added I only bought 2 more accounts which included gmail) But after a while it changes. After that they only ask recovery code from the new phonenumber.
I bought Clash Of Clans account and it had this problem. Seller sent me the codes always when I needed them. Then at one point it stopped to ask the codes from his phone and it started to use my phonenumber. I told him that it finally successfully changed and we closed the deal.
Hopefully this helped ya guys even a bit :smiley:

It was around 2-4 days

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That sounds like good news. But that doesn’t explain why Google sometimes goes full @Yair and reverts the account to every phone number it ever had on file.

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When I talked with google support this guy told me that it is just extra security.
The reason why it doesn’t do that all the time is simple.
If there have been multiple phonenumbers used on this account. Example OG Owner -> Next owner -> Next owner -> Swapd for example.
Support guy told me that if the account is really “yours” is shouldn’t harm you if they send code to old phonenumbers. So yeah. Most likely this has been added to stop people selling their google accounts for whatever reason.
And then when it doesn’t ask for that? Maybe the OG owner is selling it so there is not any other phonenumbers used on the acc.
This is very complicated method and sometimes it feels completly random. But ofc it has to be like that to actually stop people selling stuff. It’s hard to know how it works but I’m quite sure you can’t avoid this.
Maybe we just have to wait that google updates its security again and this changes as well.

Thank you for the insight. It seems we will always face an uphill battle, not matter what we do.

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I did a lot of transactions and never had a problem. I think that some steps should be changed. What works for me is that I am logged in at the same time as the buyer and after that he doesn’t chnage the password immediately. Changing password is last step. First is changing recovery phone and email. I send him codes while doing this. Then he turns off 2 fa and deletes everything inside and than he turns on again and ads his phone number and verifies it. After that he changes password and he got asked if he wants to kick out all devices. And all of this should be done through gmail app not browser.

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Thanks, we may try that but recently things have calmed down and our method still works. The only time when we have a problem is when sellers do not follow our directions and do not disconnect their devices from Gmail. If they do, transfers go smoothly, even on browsers.

Using apps isn’t feasible for us, we do too many transfers and it would take too long for us to do everything via apps. But, if we’re forced to do it, we won’t have a choice.

Yeah I totally get you but I think that problems my occur sometimes when it is done through the browser. I am talking from my experience and from other Ig marketers too. I did a lot of transactions in the way I explained and never had a problem but I may be wrong since you never know with gmail

Are you suggesting we don’t have experience in this field? If I had to bet, I’d say I do more transfers in a month than you did in your entire life time. :smiley:

Hahah no definitely. When I said from my experience I also meant what others said how they do it from other marketplaces. Just sharing an idea but as I said I might be wrong. :slight_smile::+1:

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I know, I was just being cocky :stuck_out_tongue:
No doubt Gmail is a pain in the butt. It’s one of the worst inboxes we deal with.
I just hope people start switching over to ProtonMail, as for now, it’s the easiest inbox to transfer.

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Lol ok :sweat_smile: yeah definitely hope so, but I don’t knoe if people even heard of it :joy: