Go Facebook Live & Make Money

Facebook Inc announced its Business page that you would now be able to procure cash by just going live on Facebook. The new component on Facebook Live, called Ad Breaks, gives you a chance to take brief breaks from your live video to run 10 or 15 second promotions.

To be qualified for Ad Breaks, you should have at any rate 2,000 devotees and your video must have a crowd of people involved 300 people. Advertisement breaks can possibly show up on your live communicate in the event that you have been recording for in any event four minutes. After your first advertisement break, you can have extra breaks at regular intervals.

After you’ve been communicating live for four minutes, Facebook will advise you that you’re qualified for an ad break.

When you’re ready to have an ad break, you must let your viewers know that you’re taking an ad break. Otherwise, you will leave them alarmed and confused. (This is a new feature, after all, a feature that many are still unaware of.) When a 10- or-15-second ad appears, your camera will turn off. During this time, viewers will see a counter in the corner of their screen notifying them of your return. After the ad ends, your viewers can resume watching your broadcast.

Setting Up Ad Breaks

After you’ve broadcasted a live video that has met the requirements for Ad Breaks, you will receive a notification from Facebook saying you’re eligible to set up ad breaks.
Facebook will also notify you of your eligibility the next time you go live. Simply tap the white dollar sign located on the bottom left corner of your screen to get started with Ad Breaks.

Tapping on either the notification from your notifications tab or the dollar sign on your live screen will lead you to a welcome page.

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